Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Since we had a horrible Round 1 at Long Beach, our RS-R team decided to have a day set up for me to practice and get familiar with the car.

What we found out was pretty funny.

Going back to last year, we had little power to keep the tires spinning so we increased the rear tire pressure (up to about 65-70psi) on our Toyo Tires Proxes R1-R.

The front were mildly set at 45psi.

This was the best set up for last year becuase first of all, the power band was really narrow and secondly, our tiny motor had little power in our little power band.
So after the season ended, the RS-R team worked on the front suspension to gain more traction. They didnt touch the rear because we had already worked on the rear section midseason.
This year, we have roughly 100hp more and a sh*t load of more torque. I think VVTI was the best creation from toyota. the outcome?
watch the video in the previous post where I spin out.

So during testing, we tested different tire pressures using the same Toyo Proxes R1-R and came to the conclusion that our tire pressure set up was really off. First we focused the rear by lowering the pressures. It was best for our car to run lower tire pressures. Now, the tires smoke a lot more and have the traction the R1-Rs are known for.

We also messed with the alignment on the front and now the car feels much better. I actually have steering feedback now! =)
Here is the video from the test session. We were also testing the new chase cam in our car so enjoy!


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Formula D Long Beach 2009

I think I am running out of excuses.

haha Just kidding.

Well the weekend was not a great time for me and our RS-R Scion Team.
I did no make the top 32 qualifying cut. On the first run, I spun after the transition of turn 9 to turn 10.
Here is the video to my first run.

On the second run, I cleared the whole course except the last hair pin corner where I stalled. I don't feel right blaming the car but the engine was misfiring a little bit and I lost power, which caused me to lose drift.
Here is the second run.

I feel that our car is possessed by some evil spirits or something. I cant think of any other explanation because the car ran perfectly fine throughout my shake-down sessions.

The reason i say i cant blame the car is because i have not been practicing lately. The last time I drove this car before Long Beach was last November at the Red- Bull Drift event. Actually, the last time i drove this car was last October for Irwindale. I didnt even drift at Red Bull because my engine was broken.

We will go through a series of test sessions and practice days before Atlanta.

Im starting to worry about my career...


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

RS-R Scion Racing w/Toyo Tire tC v2.0 DONE

Well not officially but its about done. I will now start testing and hope to start whooping some a$$. I heard some things are going to change like the qualifying format and what not. I just hope it does not affect our practice time.

For the most part, 32car tandem does sound cool though. It would be just like the Red Bull Event.

Anyway, I hope this year is a good year!