Tuesday, October 27, 2009

missile update.

I have been working extra hours to get this boat ready for practice.

Here is what i have accomplished so far.

I installed the Walbro 255 into the fuel tank about 2 weeks ago and took time off for Formula D. This week, I rolled the fenders, removed the rear subframe (including the diff), removed the front and rear struts, and attempted to fab up a seat bracket for my Recaro.

The seat bracket i made was too weak and scary so i decided to purchase one from Tee's USA.


Here is the rear subframe. Its waiting for some goods from G. at www.serialnine.com.
Here is exactly what im waiting for. These pics were taken off of G's blog so they aren't mine. But the parts in the picture is what im waiting for. Subframe bushings and diff bushings.

The silver part replaces this rubber black thing:

That should help make the car feel less like a boat. Instant drift with raging clutch kicks.

Here is now a picture of my rolled fender. Not very aggressive but it will get better as i start to fit the wheels on. I just needed to the get roll going as i need to return the fender roller to my friend. I can do the rest with a pipe.

The front ones will need some bondo. but here it is:

I also put on the rear bumper off a x81 Mark II.

So that's it for now. I hope my next update wont take too long once again.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Post Formula D Irwindale

Photo by Jose Martinez.

So its been a week since the end of the season. I have been meaning to update but I have been rather busy. School finally caught up to me. Get the idea, im still a student.

I can honestly say I had a great time this season in the Formula D series. Even though the RS-R Scion tC gave me such an attitude at every event, my team managed to get the car running. Recapping this season, I think we had some kind of mechanical trouble at every event with the exception of Round 1 Long Beach. For that event, it was totally my mistake. Not in the driving, but in the car set-up. So we failed to qualify.
To keep things short, we qualified in the rest of the following rounds after Long Beach climbing from a poor 33rd spot to a decent number 10.
This season, Team RS-R had a top qualify at New Jersey, a fourth place finish also in New Jersey, and even a podium 2nd place finish in Sonoma.I would have liked to keep the podium numbers even with my team mate Tanner, but man that guy is a machine. First year out with a brand new car and has 3 podiums including a win.

But im not in any way bitter about it (ughh!!! Tanner, watch out! im coming after you!!!)
I believe that team RS-R and Scion Racing has done a great job this year. Not only was it my team trying to get us going but I had help from tons of people outside my team to get me going! So to many of you out there Thank You! you know who you are.

Now.. Onto Irwindale.
We ended up finishing the event in the top 16 when i lost against the winner of the event, Ryan Tuerck. When I was in the following lap, I gained too much on him on the bank that I had to lift for a split second. that lift caused a big enough gap throughout the rest of the course to give him a leading advantage. So what do i do at this point? . . . I have to create an even BIGGER gap on my leading lap. So we switch and I try my best to leave him in the dust.

no luck. His car is wayy to fast.

I hope next year, the tC will have more balls and horsepower than all the cars on the field. If some teams want to play a horsepower and displacement game, then I'll bring a horsepower war.

Anyway!, I enjoyed the rest of the night cheering on Robbie and Tanner. Robbie unfortunately lost to Ryan in the top 8 but GOODJOB! Robbie for making it to the best 8.
Tanner finished the event in 3rd! Go Scion!

I am not going to be sad and lonely for the next couple of month before the 2010 season starts. For the time being, i will finish my missile project and practice.

Thank you everyone for a great 2009 season! Thanks Formula D! Thanks RS-R!
Thanks Toyo! Thanks Scion! Thanks to all my sponsors! Thanks to my lovely fans!

Thanks mom! and dad! =)
For 2010, all you @#$%^#%es better watch out! haha jk.

Goodbye 2009 Season!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

My thoughts on Irwindale Speedway

KW suspension company had a private test session last wednesday and Robbie flew in from Japan for 3 days just so he can test out his new engine in the Hankook 350z. He left the US on thursday and is coming back again next wednesday to compete in Formula Drift Final Round Toyota Speedway.

Other KW drivers were there including Daijiro Yoshihara, Eric O'Sullivan, Justin Pawlak, and Rhys Millen.

and then there was Motec Nate and Ed Bergenholtz racing each other on two wheels.

I was just an observer for this day but here is what i observed. Every year at Irwindale, drivers seem to improve significantly. Speeds get faster and cars get closer to the wall. One thing not all drivers can do is to commit to stay on throttle after the transition at the start-finish line. As a driver myself, it is actually scary to stay full-throttle transitioning into the wall. I have a feeling for this round, qualifying points will depend heavily on throttle work.
But, that is just my speculation and i could be wrong. As for the bank and the inside wall, i guarantee every driver will be right up against the wall.

Tandem is just going to be out of control. I bet every driver will give it their all because for some, there might not be a next season.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


They were present at the Scion Racing Media Day at Toyota Speedway last week.

Here is something they shot.


Check out

Monday, October 5, 2009

Rest in Peace Shaun

Yesterday, we lost a friend who was a great influence to many of us in the industry. He was a pioneer of sport compact drag racing, an owner to one of the best drifting teams around the globe, and overall the nicest rough-looking guy around. Shaun Carlson, you will be missed greatly. We pray for you and your family.

Even after he was diagnosed with a hereditary disease called Brugada Syndrome, he come out to support his driver and his team, Nuformz Racing. Formula Drift and the entire car industry will not be the same without you. You will be missed. Rest in Peace Shaun.

05/17/74 - 10/04/09

Saturday, October 3, 2009

www.serialnine.com for the best cressida parts. Check it.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Scion Media Day

So yesterday was the Scion Media/Practice/Testing/Shake Down day for the Scion Racing Drift Team. I had to test out a new motor that RS-R built after we had blown the motor at Sonoma. The engine turned out to be stronger and hopefully. more reliable. I wanted to test out different spring rates but we ran out of time.
Media ride alongs were also happening so I took some people on a ride and they seemed to be happy! =)
My friend Ove from Norway was nice enough to stop by and check out Irwindale Speedway. He also brought me some t-shirts from his own brand Drift Monkey. Check it out! http://www.driftmonkey.no
Wrecked Magazine Joey was there so he took some pictures and Im going to use them.
But you can find them here on his website:

here are some pictures of the event!

In the 1st picture you can see a Lancer Evolution with some crazy camera rig.
Rich Rutherford (a former Formula Drift driver) was driving that thing while it took footage of Tanner driving. It was intense!!

Johan from Rogue Status was also there practicing in his RHD S13 Silvia.

Irwindale, here we come!!!