Saturday, December 12, 2009


So ive been working on this damn car almost everyday of the week. School then work on car.
But i have managed to prep the car for a swap now. The stupid 7MGE is out, the tranny is out, the engine bay is painted, and footwork is done, LSD welded, etc etc.

But I also found some rust spots right above my front windshield. I have to fix it. There is a hole that could cause trouble if it rains.

So the rear fenders are pretty much done with the rolls. I should have got 11inch rears so i can fit 245s. My rear wheels are 10 in. and that is with a 235 40. . . . gay.

Here can see the rust spots above the windshield. . . maybe not. but it sucks because the previous owner took the lazy route and covered it up with epoxy while it continued to rust more inside.

So I decided to go with a black engine bay. Why? Because it looks cleaner than the faded white. Too bad it will be hard for me to find leaks.


Then my interior.... I still havnt done much to the interior but im waiting on seat-rails. and then i will take the car to Scott's place at SPD again and have him fab me up a hydraulic e-brake bracket on the transmission tunnel. But the car is ready for the motor. Wiring is all sorted out thanks to my friend Mark. I keep bothering him with phone calls, "HEY WHERE IS THIS WIRE? WHERE IS THAT? WHERE ARE THE VSVs?" and so on.

So i think my cut up fenders will arrive first before my motor so body work next. and then motor, paint, drive. woohoo!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Will Roegge Scion Racing Video

This video recaps the 2009 Scion Racing Season.

Nice music Will! haha Dub Step. werrd.

Video by Will Roegge.

Scion Racing 2009 Year in Review

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Irwindale Tandem On Board

My first match was with Taka Aono. Great driver with excellent skill in his Turbo AE86.

Run 2

My top 16 match against Ryan Tuerck.
Run 1

Run 2


Unfortunately, i lost against Ryan in the 16 so thats all the footage i have.