Sunday, January 31, 2010

Update Cressida.

So i fixed my injector leak. it was a busted o ring. My car now runs like a champ.. kind of.

Its a bit rich right now because i havnt messed with the SAFC yet. I can tell at idle that its getting too much fuel.

But i also found another possible problem. My transmission wont go into 5th gear. WTF?!..

AND my brake assist is not getting any assist. haha! wtfFFF?!?!?!

So i dont know if i can take the car to get the exhaust done yet. I need to figure those out first.

I hate motor swaps... too much problems if you rush into things.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

stupid injectors.

like the title says. stupid injectors.

They are leaking because i jammed the injectors in the rail without caution. I was in a rush to get the car running to i probably busted the o-rings. I suspect two of them are leaking. Im also positive that the block off plug is leaking on the rail as well.

I should have just paid extra for an HKS rail. oh well. you get what you pay for.

My cressida will be on hold for another few days. My plans were to take it to get the exhaust done on Monday and paint on Tuesday but its going to pushed back a few days now. maybe just two days but we will see...

I need this damn car running already.

oh, but on the bright side, a 2J without an exhaust sounds pretty nice. eh

Friday, January 15, 2010


no longer is this car a stupid MX83. it is now officially a JZX83.

I have been working hard every single day trying to get this thing running.
Yes, Its a 2J.


BUT. 2 of my injectors are dead. stupid japanese motors..... they sit outside for years and let the motor dry to death.

So my next move is to change out my injectors (probably to top feed 550s) and fix an oil leak coming from the front seal.