Tuesday, October 19, 2010

End of 2010


As soon as I thought Long Beach was here, the final round at Irwindale just ended. WTF?! How did this season go by so fast?? I guess mixing up school and drifting just makes it feel like you're living life in the fast lane.

Irwindale didn't go quite as planned. In fact my season didn't go quite smooth. Considering the RS-R Scion Racing tC was running significantly more reliable this season, my results didn't move up. In fact we dropped a rank lower this year. Analyzing my results and performance from this last year, I can say that part of it has to do with the lack of seat time/testing. Last season, we tested pretty much once atleast in between rounds. This year, just about 2 or 3 times. But on the brighter side, since the car is running good, I can use it to practice during the off season. I'm sure if we can finish the first round at Long Beach strong, the rest of the season can go by much smoother.

Here is a nice picture taken by Jay Canter. The scary part is that I didn't mean to scrape the wall there. For some reason, we couldn't get the car to settle coming off the bank to transition past the first clipping point. Hence, my low speeds off the bank. I was only averaging 70-75mph all weekend.

Anyway, like I said last year around this time, we have a lot to work on. Not just developing the car, but my driving as well. Everyone is getting so fast. I need to stay focused.

All in all, it was a great season and couldnt have been possible without the support of my sponsors, fans, family, and friends. Thank you very much RS-R for keeping my car running top notch. Thank you to everyone from Scion Racing and Beyond Marketing for making this program happen. Thanks to DTA for making me look nice hahaha. Thanks to Toyo Tires for the continuous support through all these years. Stan and JW, guys are sickkkk. Thanks to BASF for the continuous support as well. You guys never fail to make the car look bling. The best chemical company creating chemistry. Thanks to Alpinestars for keeping me safe while drifting. I can't even imagine what I would have done if my car caught on fire. Thanks to TRD for making it possible for other Scion owners to be cool as well. Pioneer, you guys rock too! How about a navi unit in the race car next year? Hahaha
Eddie from mackin, the wheels are sick. Let's keep it rolling.
My fans! It still amazes me that you guys still follow me! I appreciate every bit of it. To everyone that came out to support not just the Scion Racing team, but drifting in general, you guys made it happen for all of us! Thank you Formula Drift.

Ay yo Robbie and Miki, 来年こそシリーズゲットだぜ。



Monday, October 4, 2010

Post Sonoma

What happened to my post?? I guess it never loaded. Sorry, I'm doing everything from a phone now so it's easy to assume that it didnt post itself.

I GUESS I will rewrite this entry.

Formula D Sonoma is one of the few events in our 7 round series where I seriously have a chance to podium. You can say that the RS-R Scion Racing tC is set up perfectly for tracks like that. Early initiation with speed. But I have no idea what happened during qualify. I can understand my first score. I scored in the high 60s but it was because I couldn't push the car out enough to the outside clipping zone right before the teardrop. I was being stupid and tried something different from what I was practicing all weekend. I put angle too late and had to get on the throttle early which made my line smaller.

But my second run? I honestly thought it would land me somewhere in the 80s. On both runs, my initiation speed was 96mph but on the second run, I hit all the clips and zones. But a 73.... 73??!

Anyway that matched me against JR. I knew this was going to be a hard one because he is running for the championship and they wouldn't let me win THAT easy.

But I lost anyways. It wasn't the car, it wasn't the judging, it was clearly my mistake. He had the ability to stop so fast and get on throttle much quicker than I can. So he moved on because of the slightest gap.

But not worries. I won't let that happen again at Irwindale.

GAp?! What gap??? Haha suckas.