Sunday, October 11, 2009

My thoughts on Irwindale Speedway

KW suspension company had a private test session last wednesday and Robbie flew in from Japan for 3 days just so he can test out his new engine in the Hankook 350z. He left the US on thursday and is coming back again next wednesday to compete in Formula Drift Final Round Toyota Speedway.

Other KW drivers were there including Daijiro Yoshihara, Eric O'Sullivan, Justin Pawlak, and Rhys Millen.

and then there was Motec Nate and Ed Bergenholtz racing each other on two wheels.

I was just an observer for this day but here is what i observed. Every year at Irwindale, drivers seem to improve significantly. Speeds get faster and cars get closer to the wall. One thing not all drivers can do is to commit to stay on throttle after the transition at the start-finish line. As a driver myself, it is actually scary to stay full-throttle transitioning into the wall. I have a feeling for this round, qualifying points will depend heavily on throttle work.
But, that is just my speculation and i could be wrong. As for the bank and the inside wall, i guarantee every driver will be right up against the wall.

Tandem is just going to be out of control. I bet every driver will give it their all because for some, there might not be a next season.


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