Monday, September 26, 2011

Formula D Round 6 VEGASSSS

I've been so busy lately so i havnt had the chance to update anything!! sorry! Anyway, Let's see if i can even remember what happened in Vegas. The first thing that I remember was it was hot!!! Hot as hell. I drove there with my gf in her car and the whole drive there, it was between 102 and 112. We got into town Thursday afternoon so that gave me a few hours to relax by the poolside at the Vdara hotel. I took this time to review my notes from last year. As long as the car held up, I knew it would be a good event. I headed to Las Vegas Motor Speedway around 6pm to get ready for practice. Practice went great for us. Before this round, we made a few changes to the tC and it proved successful on our first run. The car was definitely more predictable and easier to throw around. I felt more comfortable and already knew this round was going to be fun.
Before we ended the night, I felt something fishy with the clutch, so I had my team look at it. To my relief, it was only a broken clutch plate. I know it sounds bad but compared to some of the other issues we've had this year, a broken clutch is cake. Friday was again, another awesome day. However, we had a thunderstorm that came out of no where. But that didnt stop anyone. We went into qualify in the burning weather (it was 102 at night!). We qualified 9th, and also won the RETAKS Insane Entry Award! Thanks Retaks, AND everyone who voted for me!! You guys are awesome.
My first match would be against Tyler. Unfortunately for Tyler, he wont be in his main car, but that doesn't mean it will be easy. Tyler is a killer driver that can pretty much adapt to anything. I ended Friday night with a few runs in tandem practice. What a good day! Then came the main competition day. As the spectators began to come in, we were already in our last practice session. Top 32. Tyler Mcquarrie. As i mentioned above, Tyler was in a back-up S15 that he is not really accustomed to but that didn't stop me from pushing 100%. In my lead run, I ran the same line as I did in qualify. Then on my follow lap, I nearly hit Tyler's car on entry which scared the living crap out of me but held it together. Unfortunately for Tyler, he stalled the car and half-spun in the second S-turn. That gave me the advantage and we moved on. Top16. Conrad Grunewald. I knew this would be interesting. Why? Because Conrad likes to go in ass first. He likes to back that ass up. Following a car that backs in is not easy because the deceleration rate is not the same as a normal initiation. I assume he got the advantage on the first lap. However on the second run, I took a normal line and hit the outside clip zones, while he passed me on the inside because he had no where to go. The judges took that as an illegal pass and gave me the win. Top 8. Matt Powers. Have I mentioned this guy has been on fire? I need to put it out. Unfortunately, I tapped him on the first run, and put myself in the tire wall but hey, did they fix the tire wall after Dai had hit it..... Anyway that gave me the loss and he moved on. Until next time Matt..til next time. Overall, I had a great weekend. The team did an excellent job prepping the car and I cannot wait to get to Irwindale. Thanks to all my Fans who made it there to cheer me on! Thanks to my team RS-R for the excellent work! and thanks to my gf for supporting me out there and always! See you all at Irwindale.! or on Facebook!


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