Thursday, December 27, 2007

Drift Day 4

I attended the 40th anniversary Drift Day held at El Toro, Irvine.

It's actually been a while since I participated in one of those events. Drift Day is where I did most of my driving practice through my early drifting days.

If you wish, you can participate too!
just go to :

At these events, anyone from all levels of driving can come out and have some fun, while having the opportunity to get advice and lessons from some of the nation's top drivers.

Here are some pictures

A friend of mine from Japan came to California to take a 5day vacation. His name is Daigo Saito. He pilots a JZX100 Mark II in the D1 Grand Prix Series.

Peter went to the same High School with me. Now, he is active in the drifting scene with his AE86. At Drift Day, anyone can participate!

Drifting is not fun without Toyo Tires!!

My friend Leon Styles, who is a successful rally champion, came out to check out the drifting scene.

Some beginners practicing basic techniques.

The End.


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