Friday, March 6, 2009

Formula D and Mountain High?!

Yes, you read it right.
Formula D brought itself and some of the drivers and staff to So-cal's closest winter resort. I was lucky enough to be a part of it too! It was kind of weird seeing Formula D logos and banners at a ski resort but i gotta admit, Formula D should do this more often.

The day started off great! The sun was out and the temps were warm. I started my day at Tenju Tea House to pick up a few friends.

We left San Gabriel around 8:00am hoping to get there around 9. We got there around 9:30.

The sun was out at the resort too. It was nice and warm. The first few runs were done without a jacket...but...

In the afternoon, clouds moved in and it began to snow! well...powder snow..but still it snowed. and it was freezing.

The end.. !@#$%^&*


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