Monday, October 4, 2010

Post Sonoma

What happened to my post?? I guess it never loaded. Sorry, I'm doing everything from a phone now so it's easy to assume that it didnt post itself.

I GUESS I will rewrite this entry.

Formula D Sonoma is one of the few events in our 7 round series where I seriously have a chance to podium. You can say that the RS-R Scion Racing tC is set up perfectly for tracks like that. Early initiation with speed. But I have no idea what happened during qualify. I can understand my first score. I scored in the high 60s but it was because I couldn't push the car out enough to the outside clipping zone right before the teardrop. I was being stupid and tried something different from what I was practicing all weekend. I put angle too late and had to get on the throttle early which made my line smaller.

But my second run? I honestly thought it would land me somewhere in the 80s. On both runs, my initiation speed was 96mph but on the second run, I hit all the clips and zones. But a 73.... 73??!

Anyway that matched me against JR. I knew this was going to be a hard one because he is running for the championship and they wouldn't let me win THAT easy.

But I lost anyways. It wasn't the car, it wasn't the judging, it was clearly my mistake. He had the ability to stop so fast and get on throttle much quicker than I can. So he moved on because of the slightest gap.

But not worries. I won't let that happen again at Irwindale.

GAp?! What gap??? Haha suckas.



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