Friday, May 15, 2009

I've been wanting to post up the random stuff I have been doing on my off days so here they are.

My friend Daigo Saito came from Japan to run in the D1GP USA (which he ended up winning) and we had a wonderful time hanging out too. He brought his personal JZX100 Chaser form Japan which has a 2JZ and a t78 putting out roughly 650hp.
Here we are at some Gun Range he wanted to check out because in Japan, guns dont exist HAHA!

We got home pretty late everynight because of his D1 relations with other people and so he was tired during the day. He didnt care what they talked about in the driver's meeting anyways.
Dinners can be quite costly. I went out to eat dinner at Manpuku with Hiro Sumida and Miki Ryuji and it was bomb. I can never get sick of Japanese BBQ.

Manpuku with Hiro Sumida and Miki.
After Manpuku, we hit up Pinkberry for some frozen yogurt.

Wockano with Daijiro and Andy. Dai and I met up with Andy in Long Beach because Andy was too lazy to drive up to the 626.
Hooters, where Justin Pawlak joined us to watch the Lakers murder the Rockets.
Well, that was a pretty pointless post.

bye bye


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