Saturday, March 29, 2008

Formula Drift Long Beach 2008

As most of you know, the season opener of Formula Drift will be held in less than 2 weeks. Once again, Round 1 is the infamous Streets of Long Beach.
Last year, I did not make the qualify cut due to a series of events that held me back from driving the car to its full potential.
This year, if everything works out for the next week, everything should fall into place.
All the excitement rushes to me as I can only imagine how the new car is going to perform. A bit nervous you ask? Not really.. I have a great team working behind this project and with the right resources, I can admit that I am confident.
Speaking from experience, it's like driving a car into a blind corner with all the lights off, especially with a new car with absolutely no data or seat time.
For all you drift fans out there, get ready because i can guarantee you this season is going to be crazy!!!!