Thursday, September 18, 2008

Formula D Round 6 Sears Point

So the weekend is over.
It sucks being in school and drifting at the same time. I gotta focus and concentrate all weekend and once i get back, it's back to economics, business, history and other typical college student stuff.
But anyway, here is how my weekend went!

Friday’s practice went well. The RS-R Scion tC was running in its best condition ever. I spent all my practice time figuring out how to approach turn 1 without sacrificing speed and or angle. I knew that if I were to drift into turn 1 without angle, I would be much faster but it would look boring. I wanted to approach turn 1 with great angle and speed. It turned out that the judges were looking for the same thing. I felt that having a faster entry speed was more important than having massive angle. And then the unthinkable happened. My transmission would not let me get the car into 2nd or 4th gear mid-drift. Fortunately, Koji-san had prepared a spare for us. That night, Koji-san , John, Shacho and Ben stayed at the track to swap out the transmission.
Saturday’s qualify session did not go as I expected. This time, I was having trouble getting the car into 3rd gear. The exit of the hairpin would be much slower than other cars. That was a problem. On the first run, everything went smooth until I came to the exit of the hairpin where I tried to shift into 3rd gear. It didn’t go in! I straightened out and scored a big fat 0!. No good. But recently I found out that I drive better under pressure so it might be good for me. On the 2nd run, instead of shifting into 3rd at the exit of the hairpin, I stayed in 2nd gear to finish the left hand sweeper through the finish line.
I placed 9th in qualify with a score of 93.67 @ 91mph. My top 16 round was against Ryan Tuerck. On the first lap, I followed. In fact, I followed too close that I hit the side of his car. With that impact went my alignment. I was toed-out pretty bad. Due to the bad alignment, I went off course on my lead lap and ended up giving up the win to Ryan.
Event after event, I feel that my luck keeps sweeping itself away. With only one more event left in the series, I hope to prove to everyone that its good to be different!