Sunday, November 23, 2008

Flip A B*tch 2

is out now!

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Red Bull WDC

Even after a week, I still feel the excitement of the event. I have never seen so much talent in one place at the same time. All the drivers from different parts of the world were exciting to watch. It was very cool to see the different styles from around the world.

Unfortunately, I was spectator for this event again. Following Irwindale, this would be the 2nd time failing to compete. I guess you can say that it's THAT tough to bring out a new car and expect it to perform well. But I can say with confidence that the RS-R Scion tC is getting much better.

Formula Drift and Red Bull did an awesome job with the event. I hope they do it every year.

Not to mention, Scion Racing was a big part of the competition too! There were Scion cars and Scion banners everywhere! It was a bummer not to have the car running at a Scion event but hey, everyone in our team tried their best and at times, things don't flow the way we want.

But to everyone that came out to support us, Thank you very much!
Rogue Status mad a huge impact in my career and without those boys, I would be completely out of fashion! haha! you should have seen me before I was in your clothes.

Now that we have a long time off til the 09 season starts, we will be intensely testing out the RS-R Scion tC so that we have a reliable car next year.

Thanks To all of you!!