Sunday, June 6, 2010

Wow. hello.

Its been forever since i last posted so here it goes. I don't even remember where I have to start. Let's just start with long beach.

You can say I was a bit out of shape. I didn't realize a few months away from drifting will ruin my rhythm. I lost to a kid from Ireland!! But this isn't an ordinary kid. He is a teen drifting superstar who is a champion in his native country. I took it too lightly and didn't really push myself to get close. Every lap he ran, he clipped the outside clipping point with his rear wing. WTF?!?! At the very least, I was happy I qualified to get some points.

Round 2 was Road Atlanta. It was a weird event with a lot of contact! I went against Charles Ng in the top 32 round. Unfortunately he approached the 1st corner with a feint that did not end up the way he wanted. He went straight into the wall and I got a by-run. My top 16 round was against my Scion teammate Tanner. I got lucky on this round because when I was leading, he clipped the rear corner of my car through the downhill section of the course and spun me out. This has happened last year too.
Chris Forsberg was my next competition in the top 8. In this round, i missed a shift and stalled the car on top of the horseshoe. As soon as that happened, Chris hit me from behind (SORRY CHRIS!!). My weekend was over!

Now on to Round 3 New Jersey.
What an event! It's crazy how difficult tandem has become. Some of these cars are so light and fast that I can barely keep up. My top 32 competition was DMCC champion Matt Waldin. It was a very close call because when I was following him, my car nearly straightened out on the bank which would have resulted in a loss. Luckily I caught the powerband beforehand and got the Toyos to spin loose again.
In my top 16 battle, I faced Darren McNamara again. Last year, I lost to him here so I wanted to beat him badly. We went one more time but his car was just too fast. Lighter and fatter tires.. But on a good note, the RS-R team now knows where to work on. We need more bite.

Here we come Seattle!!