Monday, April 11, 2011

Formula Drift LBC

Why am I always plagued with mechanical troubles???? I swear I have done nothing wrong or immoral. Its such a shame to see that the we were doing so well during practice and when the most important time comes around, we are unable to run.

Let's begin with media day. I was doing double duty since I'm also participating in the Grand Prix Pro-celebrity race. So hopping back and forth between racing suits and cars was pretty much a summary of my day.

So how does it feel going from a front wheel drive, supercharged tC to a 650hp rear drive drift monster?? Let me tell you, I had to remind myself everytime I approached turn 9. Drift or grip?? Haha amazing!!

Anyway, the changes we made to the RSR Scion Racing tC during the off season seems to be in my favor. The biggest change is the tire. Man.... Hankook RS3, I love you. You are so sticky, predictable, easy to understand, smokey, and smell nice. I can say with confidence that these Hankooks are the best tires for drifting. !!

In fact they are so sticky that we broke the diff into a million pieces on media day. We may have to consider a beefier diff.

Unfortunately, we did not have practice on Thursday. This would have been a great opportunity for us to test some more but I guess it is what it is.

Friday's am practice session went pretty good minus the fact that we broke an axle 5 minutes before our qualify session. I'm telling you, these tires are THAT sticky!!

My first qualify run was horrible. I was trying to get so much angle that the car over rotated and almost spun. To prevent a spin, I had to lift, which caused me to run an extremely shallow line. My score? Somewhere in the 30s. F!!!! Pressure for my 2nd run out eh? No problem. I got this....or do I?

I need to remind myself for every qualify session to run a safe 1lap and then go for it on the second lap.

I ended up in 18th place with a score of 78.6. That's not good in my standards because if there was no 32 tandem and we were still doing top tandem only, I would be out of competition at this point. My goal is to always qualify in the 16.

My match was Ross Petty.

Or at least it was supposed to be before more engine took a shit on saturday morning. Wtffff foreal?! Serious?! I don't understand.

The part that pisses me off the most is that this is the first round of the season and we are already on a bad start. No spare motor? You gotta be kidding me. All my fans, friends, family, and sponsors came to watch me do what? Sit around??

Anyway, that was my weekend. Congrats to JTP for his win! Amazing amazing driving for Matt powers. And Dai, you are the man!! Way to represent Japan. おめでとう!

Atlanta, here we come. ATL is actually my favorite! They have some of the best fans!!!

Thank you Stephanie!!