Saturday, May 7, 2011

Formula Drift Atlanta

Lap 1 was a warm up on Thursday. But I went for it anyways and what do you know? I almost go off course. Hahaha oops?

But I noticed a lack of power coming down the hill. Was it me or was it the car.

Lap 2, I gave it about 75%. the entry was good. Reverse entry should be cake here.
But at the horseshoe, my manifold cracked open and I lost boost .

I think it had a hairline crack it in before we even got here.

So after getting it fixed, we go out for the second practice session.

The tC still felt a little down on power. Maybe another exhaust leak? I don't know. But coming out of the horseshoe, I had to kick the clutch multiple times while shifting into 3rd gear just to keep it in powerband.
Then we tested out 275 tires for the rear.
Sure I was starting to get warmed up on the track and my runs were getting cleaner but I still feel like the 285s were better. So we are going back.
I can't get much angle on the 275s anyways.

But I gotta give it to my team. They work hard.

Friday. Wow. What a day.
First off, the fans here are nuts. Don't these people work or go to school? If they ditched to come watch drifting, they are possibly one of the best gathering of fans ever.

Anyway, we started practice with good momentum but I started to get heated up and on my last practice run, I hit the entry ditch and bent the passenger side lower control arm. Crap... Sorry team!! My bad.
But the RS-R team worked hard AND fast to get it back before qualify. I was shaken up at this point because now that good momentum was out the door.

First run out, I decided to take it easy (thinking back at Long Beach). I scored a 78.something. But that managed to put me in 2nd place behind Joon (btw Joon was on fire this weekend. Awesome job buddy!!) But as qualify went on, my score continued to get pushed out of the way.

Now that the pressure was off, I pushed slightly harder on my second run and scored a 90.9!!! So I finished qualify in 6th place. We are pretty content with that. For now.

Saturday. Do these people realize what time it is?! It's 10am and they are drinking!! Amazing.

Practice went as we had planned. Tried out some different approaches in the horseshoe and it worked!! I was stoked.
Then came top 32. I was up against Charles Ng again.
He improved so much from yesterday I was really nervous. But we pulled it off and moved on to what became a road block and stopped. A blown diff.

I don't know what to say anymore. Maybe the car is cursed.

Thanks Atlanta for all the hospitality and great memories!! You guys sure know how to keep us entertained!!!
I cant wait to come back next year.


Anonymous Joon Maeng said...

Thanks Ken! You're looking good out there! See ya at Round 3!

May 14, 2011 at 7:59 PM  

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