Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Home Made cooking from Daijiro

This past Sunday, I was invited by Yoshihara Daijiro to his house just to hang out.
Because of the situation of this terrible economy, he has been recently cooking dinner at home to save costs. I had the great opportunity to test out his cooking.
He made Curry Rice JDM style with bacon. It was pretty good. He said it attracts all the"bitches".
Next time, i will treat him to my home made cooking. For now, its a mystery. ha ha ha

RSR Scion Racing w/Toyo Tire tC v2.0

Its almost done. Currently we are in the final stages of putting the car back together as Formula D Long Beach ticks closer and closer by day.
Last night, I went to visit the team at Hiro's Auto in Costa Mesa where the car is currently being worked on. It will be the last day here before the car goes to wiring and tuning.

The paint scheme of the car is now change to a more exciting color! The new and improved tC should perform much better this year as we worked heavily on building a car that is pretty much mechanical-failure-free.

I will start testing next week and will update you guys on the re-build!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Formula D and Mountain High?!

Yes, you read it right.
Formula D brought itself and some of the drivers and staff to So-cal's closest winter resort. I was lucky enough to be a part of it too! It was kind of weird seeing Formula D logos and banners at a ski resort but i gotta admit, Formula D should do this more often.

The day started off great! The sun was out and the temps were warm. I started my day at Tenju Tea House to pick up a few friends.

We left San Gabriel around 8:00am hoping to get there around 9. We got there around 9:30.

The sun was out at the resort too. It was nice and warm. The first few runs were done without a jacket...but...

In the afternoon, clouds moved in and it began to snow! well...powder snow..but still it snowed. and it was freezing.

The end.. !@#$%^&*

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


i forgot i had this picture.

My friend and i were at the mall and some store had fake want-to-be rogue status gun-show shirts. My friend is wearing the real version. The one he is holding is the fake version. notice, the detail to the guns and the size of them. crazy..

check it!

I also went boarding. in the gun show shirt. Go Rogue Status!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fresh Car

Hey Everyone!

Today i went to check on my newly refreshed RS-R Scion tC.

Frank from Frank's Fabshop in Costa Mesa has been working vigorous hours to get the car done. and might i add, his work is amazing.

Anyway, they stripped down the car to improve upon areas which we found faulty or unreliable last year.
One of the key points was the front section of the car. In order to improve rigidity, we stiffened up the front end with some welding additional reinforcement bars.

We also worked on improving air flow to the radiator and intercooler with a different set-up. Last set-up worked fine, but we needed them moved for the additional reinforcement.

The car will be freshly painted with a new theme shortly and testing will then begin. I am excited for testing!