Friday, July 16, 2010

Post Seattle and scion exposed

So we just finished our event at Seattle round 4 formula drift.
It was a good event for us overall minus the fact that we broke 2 upper control arms, a propeller shaft, and the steering rack. So it's safe to assume that evergreen speedway is not nice to our drivetrain. Last year we broke a propeller shaft, and the year before that our slave cylinder went out. This year however we were prepared. The RS-R team fought hard to make sure the tC made it through the event.
We qualified in the 15th spot and matched ourselves against Cody Parkhouse for the Top 32 tandem. The first lap out went well. I had a solid run and the tC was running strong. In the second lap where I was following, the motor stalled as I transitioned into the "power alley". WTF?!?? So I thought I had lost but it turns out that Cody had also straightened out behind me in the first lap. So it was a OMT. Unfortunately, Cody broke his car and had to pull out of competition which in turn, gave me the win.
For the top 16 rounds, I was against Justin Pawlak. The first run I had to follow and I tried to keep my distance close. In the second lap out, Justin came in too hot into the last corner and crashed into me. Because of the contact, I had advanced. Later that night, I had the chance to speak with him. He said I was too slow. "say whaaat?!". If I was too slow, then following my line should have been easier.
Best 8. Takatori Michihiro. I had beat him once in Atlanta last year so I wad pretty familiar with this driver. He is straight forward and his speeds were similar to mine. In the first lap however, I made a small correction error through the final corner which gave him the advantage. Unfortunately the second lap out was too even to give me any sort of advantage.
So that ends my event and team RS-R is working very hard to keep this Scion Racing Toyo DTA tC running strong for Las Vegas.
Meanwhile, we are now here at Scion Exposed Indiana to showcase some drifting and meet with some awesome Scion owners! Time to go drifffftiiinnngggggg! Weerrddd.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Packing for seattle for what seems to be a rainy weekend!! Yesssss! I'm excited. Even though I havnt driven the car since new jersey, I feel like the car will be great! On top of that, I will be doing a demo the weekend after at Indy!!

Seattle will be a great event. I was reading a post on and there were five predictions that I thought were funny. Big crash. I think I predict that one as well but hopefully the two scions will make it back alive. Rain. I wouldn't be surprised. Isn't Seattle always raining?! However it's only rained once in Seattle in the past however many years we've been there. Oh well!! Best of luck to all my fellow competitors and let's give everyone a great show.