Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tokyo pt 3

I'm back in Tokyo. I left Bangkok early for a few reasons.

Anyway, my last few days in Tokyo were amazing. I went to Ebisu once more, touge, Shinjuku, asakusa, Akihabara, and some other places.

Our first stop was the Toyota Festival at Fuji Speedway where they showcased Toyota Motorsports. They had everything from Super GT, NASCAR, to drifting. The only reason I went was to support Daigo drifting his monster JZX100.

They also had mini events for the customers. One of those events was to test out motor powered bicycles. Here is Robbie riding one with his son Joey.

I had fun watching the driving of different Motorsports genres.

My turn. Ebisu was insane. I tried the jump drift once more and I think I got it down. Robbie was in his newly acquired S13 and Daigo and I drove the beater JZX90.

Robbie's S13 was $700. $700??!!?! And it comes with a standard SR20, LSD, coilovers and a Silvia face. Something like this would cost and arm and a leg in the US.

This is the 90 we drove.

This plus another 200hp would dominate Formula D. I can't believe how easy it was to control this thing granted it was RHD and im not even used to it.
I will post video once I get back to the US after loading them.
After Ebisu, we went to eat at the the infamous Sauce Katsudon restaurant nearby.

OMg I wish I can bring this to the states. Freezepack perhaps?

Besides drifting, we went to Kaminari-Mon, an ancient Japanese landmark in Asakusa.
Miki and Maruchan joined us for the day.

It felt like a "powerspot", or whatever Japanese kids are into nowadays.

The city life must be nice here. Everything is walking distance but it is pretty much impossible to live the city life with a car unless you are filthy rich and can afford to pay $400 a month for one car space.

Then the usual train ride back to the countryside. Hahahah

Once we got home, Joey wanted to play Wii but we got hooked watching D1GP and he fell asleep waiting. Sorry Joey!! Next time buddy.

On my last night, we went to eat BBQ near Robbie's house.

Shinji Minowa from Hey Man joined us along with his wife Ma-chan and son Hiro. His son is walking now!!! When I first came here, he was still crawling.

Then Daigo and Yuko-chan came shortly after to join us.
Afterward, we went to Round 1 to play some badminton only to find out that Daigo is not only a pro drifter but also a pretty good badminton player. Robbie and I got our ass handed to us.
They also had a fishing game room with real fish!!

Daigo caught one

Overall, my trip in Japan was quite an experience and it would have been impossible without Robbie, Christine, Joey, Tet, Daigo, Maru, Miki, and everyone else that made this trip memorable. I learned alot drifting alongside some of Japan's best drivers: Daigo, Shinji, Koguchi, Robbie, and a few others. I also got to experience life in Tokyo. Thanks for all the hospitality Robbie and Christine! You guys are always welcome in our house in the US.

See you guys soon, I hope!


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