Thursday, June 12, 2008

Formula D Rd 3 Englishtown Raceway

Today was the first practice day or Rd 3 Formula D.

I had fun. I havn't had this much fun driving in a long time. Atlanta was a nightmare for us as a team. So I knew I had to work hard to bounce back up into the top 16 seed group.

Today's practice sure works out to be a confidence booster for tomorrow's non-seeded qualify.

Currently, we are ranked 19th.

there are about 37 drivers this event and 14 are seeded. there will be 18 spots, but if you do the math, 14+18= 32. only 5 will NOT qualify.

That means as long as i stay ON course and dont spin, i should pass if 5 or more spin.

Anyway, to the track.

This track is new to Formula D and was expected to exceed a 100MPH (160kmh) entry speed. No such luck. The fastest speed today was by Robbie Nishida with 85mph.
Dont get me wrong as 85mph for this track is somewhat quick.
I dont think anyone will get anywhere close to 100mph. The worst part is, the track is narrow. 85mph+ on a narrow track is pretty scary.
The first entry corner is banked fast left following an off-camber tight left.
the off-camber throws us off as many of the drivers were flying onto the grass/dirt run-off.
The rest of the track is pretty easy.
take a look

narrow? F Yes.

See you guys later after tomorrows non-seeded qualify!! Wish me luck


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