Monday, June 23, 2008

Round 3 Englishtown

Hello everyone!

Englishtown Raceway was a blast! but not for our team! =( Unfortunately, we did not make the qualify cut due to my slow speeds. But the track layout was awesome.
If you look at my previous post, you can see the track layout.
It was not as fast as they had promised but it was tons of fun!

Andy Yen did an awesome job figuring out the track for all of us drivers!

anyway, change of topic.

Since the competition was a depressing time for me, lets talk off topic!
New Jersey is headache after headache when it comes to driving. I cannot drive there. To make a left turn, you are forced to turn RIGHT and then a left to the street. It is definately not my type of driving.

Anyway, before i show you guys pictures, I want to say thanks to Koji from Hiro's auto, His wife Hiroko-san, Nakamae shachow!, Ben, Gary, and Masuda-san.
You guys are awesome!

enough talking, here are some pictures!

Miki and Dai
the J-team at driver's meeting
She won the Scion Ride-along. Hope you had fun!! =)
Fred Chang
Rogue Status Jasper and Johan
YAY for BASF paint!
The car looks better without the side canards no?
Here is JW. The Awesome Toyo Driver!
the Team S three Myself, Miki, and Robbie
Ceso....who is secretly in love with my friend.
and finally, BEN CHONG!
haha BEn.


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